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Luxe Latex Garde

Latex Garde is an extension of our Avant Garde collection. This collection is one that has been carefully crafted and designed to be a solid piece of wearable art.

Merging fine arts with high fashion

AVNAH Latex set

Latex Care 

We want to ensure that you know the proper care of your latex garment. Latex clothing requires special care in order to preserve the unique qualities of the garments and design.  Latex garments should be hand washed and soak in a tub full of luke warm water with ViViClean washing lotion. Lightly swish garment around and let set. Do not scrub as this can cause damage to latex.  After washing wipe away excess water and hang to dry keeping garment away from sunlight. Do not hang to dry on metal hangers. Once completely dry you can then use ViViShine or ViViFreshUp to add a gloss finish to your latex design. Store in a garment bag in a cool dry space.

Do not use oil based lubricants as they will weaken the latex itself. 

Properly Storing your Latex
It’s recommended to store your latex clothing in a cool, dark, dry space. A garment bag is preferred to protect your clothing. Use a broad plastic hanger to help your garment keep its shape; wire hangers, thin hangers, or hanging an outfit from the straps may cause the outfit to lose its shape.

Do not store your clothing in direct sunlight; the sun’s rays will cause the latex material to rapidly deteriorate or even turn white. 

If you follow these tips for wearing and caring for your latex clothing, your outfit should provide you with years of happy use and satisfaction

Latex Disclaimer

Please do not wear, handle or purchase any Latex garments if you have an allergy to latex. If you have a latex allergy DO NOT wear, handle or purchase from our Luxe Latex Garde Collection

Our company does not hold responsibility for customers wearing, handling or purchasing garments with latex allergies. Our disclaimer is stated here and  a warning is also attached inside of each garment on our label tags.  

Do not wear, handle or purchase if you have a latex allergy.


Now lets have fun wearing our Luxe Latex Garde Collection! Dynamic colors, structure and merging fine art with high fashion!

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